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Top 14 Alameda restaurants that cater to kids (and their parents!)


Looking for the best restaurants in Alameda that go out of their way to make kids and their parents happy? VIPshopr has compiled the top fourteen restaurants in Alameda that families shouldn’t miss.

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1. Kamakura

2549 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, CA 94501


An Alameda institution for over three decades, Kamakura offers high quality Japanese cuisine, and an intimate sense of customer service that makes even the youngest diner feel special. Two tips – don’t ask for the rice candy at the end of the meal if you don’t have kids with you (trust us). And, try to eat a meal there on your birthday. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but just let the staff know at the beginning of your meal. You won’t regret it.

2. East End

1650 Park St., Alameda, CA 94501

East End

This one is simple – awesome brick oven pizza and a full bar. Kids are thrilled with East End’s basic Cheese, Please pizza while adults can pick from more complex fare including local oysters, inventive salads and small plates. Show up early to avoid long waits and you’ll still have the kids to bed on time. Back to the pizza – it’s excellent. On a good night, an East End pie can stand with the best. Go get it.

3. Trabocco

2213 South Shore Center, Alameda, CA 94501


The best of Italian cuisine in a great family setting. What more could you ask for? Welcome to Trabocco. The heated outdoor area is also great for children, who can play in the courtyard while parents enjoy the dining experience.

4. King of Thai Noodle

1635 Park St., Alameda, CA 94501

King of Thai Noodle

A small, no frills restaurant two blocks down from the main Park Street retail strip, King of Thai Noodle is the best deal in town for families looking for a South East Asian fix. The items on the extensive menu can be adjusted for spice level making most dishes accessible to young taste buds. True to the no frills atmosphere, the food comes out one dish at a time, as it’s cooked. This means you usually have food on your table just minutes after ordering, making meals quick and efficient – a plus for busy families. Cash only.

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5. Burgermeister

2319 Central Ave, Alameda, CA 94501


Burgermeister claims to have the best burgers on the island (a hotly contested title, more on that in future blog posts) and it offers table service, plenty of options for vegetarians and kids plus a full bar. The restaurant also serves brunch on weekend mornings. We’re pretty sure it’s the only place on the island where you can get curly fries and a cocktail. And a milkshake!

6. Tomatina

1338 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501


The Alameda branch of the local Tomatina family of “fresh Italian” restaurants is a hit with all ages. It's wide variety of freshly made pizza and pasta makes it a great safe choice when going out with visiting grandparents. Located in the heart of the Park St. shopping district, the place can get busy - show up early to avoid longer waits. Pro tip – ask for outdoor seating on warmer nights. When the kids get antsy they can play in the pedestrian alley adjacent to the patio while you leisurely finish your wine.

7. PS Eatery

1363 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

PS Eatery

Admittedly, PS Eatery’s presence on Park Street is a little mysterious. I always dismissed the place as a good spot for kids since it’s hard to discern what type of food they actually serve without actually sitting down for a meal. Do your family a favor and sit down for a meal already! The food is best described as modern comfort food. Mac and cheese, sliders and a bunch of kid friendly small plates make deciding difficult. Make sure to eat family style so you get to try everything!

8. Ole’s Waffle House

1507 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Ole’s Waffle House

A breakfast favorite on Park Street since 1927, Ole’s Waffle Shop still churns out waffles and other diner favorites from morning till night. Although the waffles are hands-down the best on the island, I wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids during the morning rush. Instead, convince your kids that breakfast-for-dinner is the hot new trend and avoid the line altogether.

9. Island Taqueria

1513 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Island Taqueria

Every Alameda family has a favorite taqueria and it seems that no one can agree on what’s the best in town. We’ll put our vote in for Island Taqueria. In addition to burritos and tacos they offer a full selection of plated entrees. What sets Island Taqueria apart for us at VIPShopr is the man on the grill. His beard has shrunk over the years (it used to go down to his waist) but his attention to our specific burrito idiosyncrasies has not.

10. Jay’s Coffee Tea & Treats

1513 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Jay’s Coffee Tea & Treats

Already a favorite with Franklin Elementary families, Jay’s Coffee Tea & Treats is worth a visit even if you don’t live in the historic Gold Coast neighborhood. In addition to coffee, tea and pastries, Jay’s offers yummy sandwiches that come thoughtfully wrapped and tied with a bow.

11. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

1713 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

For slightly more adventurous families, getting dim sum at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant is a must. Daily from 10:00am-2:30pm the dim sum carts are rolling and the lazy susans are spinning.

12. India Palace

737 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

India Palace

Truly a hidden gem, India Palace serves great Indian food in a renovated old house. I honestly didn’t think our kids would like Indian food as much as they do. Again, keep things mild and everyone in the family will be happy.

13. Tu Tai 2

1531 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

Tu Tai 2

Great Vietnamese food on the West side – what’s not to love? It seems that Southeast Asian food (minus the spice) is pretty popular with Alameda families. What’s your favorite?

14. Tucker’s Ice Cream

1513 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Tucker’s Ice Cream

While technically not a restaurant, no family dinner out in Alameda is 100% complete without a stop at Tucker’s Ice Cream afterwards. Made in Alameda since 1941, it’s simply a part of childhood here on the island.

These places are great with kids, but even greater with other families! Feel free to share.

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