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How to Make Amazing Sushi at Home

... and Impress All Your Friends

Sushi is hot right now and for good reason - it’s so attractive and so yummy! You might think that preparing sushi is only for sushi chefs. But actually it’s relatively easy! To help get you started, we've listed all the essential products you need to buy and we've made it simple for you to get them - with links to everything on Amazon!

Once you’ve got the essentials, all you’ll need to do is purchase your favorite fresh ingredients. We suggest starting with something simple: try fresh salmon or tuna for your nigirizushi (the oblong sushi with toppings), or try avocado or cucumber for your makizushi (the "sushi roll").

Then, check out Sushi - the best of the web to learn how to make perfect sushi.

Go ahead and give it a try!You’re sure to impress a friend or two! We know - we've been there!

Buying the right products - two options

You can start with a beginner's sushi kit OR if you think your passion will persist beyond the first attempt, you can buy these 6 essential items.

Either way, you’ll just need to add your favorite fresh ingredients.

Sushi Kit

An easy way to get started is to buy a kit that includes all the utensils you’ll need. It is a no brainer.

Sushi Making Kit

This kit is a best seller on Amazon. It contains all the basic ingredients and utensils you need to create your own sushi at home. It also includes a detailed recipe book. All you’ll need to add are the fresh ingredients.

About $40
Check price and details on Amazon

The 6 essential products to get started

Here are thes 6 essential items you need to prepare your first nigirizushi and makizushi:

1Sushi Rice
2Rice Vinegar
3Sushi Nori Seaweed Sheets
4A Sushi Mat to roll your makizushi
6Soy Sauce

Total budget: about $55. You just need to add the fresh ingredients.

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is actually the most important ingredient in your sushi. Follow the cooking instructions very carefully because you want your rice to have the right taste and stickiness. You’ll need to season your rice with a mix of sushi vinegar, salt and sugar.

About $13
Check price and details on Amazon

Rice Vinegar

An essential ingredient for perfect sushi rice.

About $12
Check price and details on Amazon

Sushi Nori Seaweed Sheets

For your maki, 50 Deluxe Roasted Seaweed sheets in a reseable package.

About $11
Check price and details on Amazon

Makizushi Making Kit

Create your homemade makizushi the way the sushi chefs do. This set includes a bamboo rolling mat and a bamboo sushi paddle.

About $6
Check price and details on Amazon


Spicy, tangy, hot, intense! However you describe it, it sure awakens your senses! Don't forget the "Japanese horseradish".

About $5
Check price and details on Amazon

Soy Sauce

Choose regular soy sauce, or reduced sodium soy sauce (below).

About $8
Check price and details on Amazon

Less Sodium Soy Sauce

about $9
Check price and details on Amazon

Once you’ve got the ingredients check out Sushi - the best of the web and learn how to make the perfect rice, nigirizushi and makizushi.

Please help us keep our post updated. If you have a great suggestion, a better product, share it with us!

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How to Make Amazing Sushi at Home

Sushi - the Best of the Web

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